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Social Sciences & International Studies

A regular update of selected new titles added to the Curtin Library collection.

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  • 'Me write myself': the free aboriginal inhabitants of Van Diemen's Land at Wybalenna, 1832-47 / Leonie Stevens.
  • Wartime captivity in the twentieth century : archives, stories, memories / Anne-Marie Pathé, Fabien Théofilakis.
  • Sensitive pasts: questioning heritage in education.
  • America observed: on an international anthropology of the United States.
  • The mirror of the medieval : an anthropology of the western historical imagination / K. Patrick Fazioli.
  • Occupation in the East: the daily lives of German occupiers in Warsaw and Minsk, 1939-1944 / Stephan Lehnstaedt.
  • Living on thin ice : the Gwich'in natives of Alaska / Steven C. Dinero.
  • Power games : political blogging in malaysian national elections / Foong Lian Hah.
  • Thaipusam in Malaysia: a hindu festival in the tamil diaspora / Carl Vadivella Belle.
  • Xenocracy : state, class, and colonialism in the Ionian Islands, 1815-1864 / Sakis Gekas.
  • Southeast Asian affairs 2016: Daljit Singh, Malcolm Cook.
  • Creating a new public university and reviving democracy: action research in higher education / Morten Levin, Davydd J. Greenwood.
  • The nature of German imperialism: Conservation and the politics of Wildlife in Colonial East Africa / Bernhard Gissibl.
  • Ruptures in the everyday: views of modern Germany from the ground.
  • French foreign policy since 1945 : an introduction / Frédéric Bozo.
  • Narratives in the making: writing the East German past in the Democratic present / Anselma Gallinat.
  • Legacies of violence : rendering the unspeakable past in modern Australia.
  • Between empire and continent : Britain and the origins of the Great War / Andreas Rose.
  • Conceptual history in the European space
  • The coming of the terror in the French Revolution / Timothy Tackett.
  • The good country : the Djadja Wurrung, the settlers and the protectors / Bain Attwood.
  • Research design in political science: Dimiter Toshkov.
  • Islam and the limits of the state : reconfigurations of practice, community and authority in contemporary Aceh / edited by R. Michael Feener, David Kloos, Annemarie Samuels.